Nigerians are not taking it easy with the star Actress, Kate Henshaw over her recent tweet on the ongoing xenophobic attack.

The actress had earlier provoked the people over hier first tweet, she typed:

We are responsible for how people treat us…

Many Nigerians have attacked her and termed her post as needless and insensitive.

Kate, however moved on to defend herself by saying she would cease to reply anyone that doesn’t have up to 50k followers.

Kate Henshaw


If your following is less than 50k dont bother expecting a response from me. Keep watching this TL


2:09 PM - Sep 3, 2019

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The tweet has further rekindled the anger in her followers and they have continued yelling at her.

See some of the reactions below:

*** So you are part of those who measure sense by the amount of followers Ehn Aunty Kate? 50k plus automatically means the person’s sense is verified?? Eziokwu🤦🏼‍♀️
I won’t say much, but CONTINUE!!!

***I only talk to people because of their follower count

-Kate Henshaw 2019

*** Lool this woman is too old to be this foolish. My God

*** She been contest for house of reps that year sha. How many votes she get again? I doubt if the votes were up to 50k.

*** Sorry to say this but this tweet reeks of abject dumbness. Smh

Source: lailasnews