We Were Opportune To interview the "ZUNWERECrooner Olayemi
 Ogundinmu popularly known as "YEMEX" who told us alot about himself

Cici Tiwa's Media: Good morning Sir
How can we know you?

Yemex: Olayemi ogundinmu

Cici Tiwa's Media: What your religion?
Or traditionalist?

Yemex: I am a bonafied christian

Cici Tiwa's Media: You are from which state?

Yemex: Ogun state

Cici Tiwa's Media: Can you tell us about your educational background?

Yemex: Hnd holder,I graduated from Laspotech 

Cici Tiwa's Media: Wow,That wonderful
How do you come about the name "YEMEX ANTI BOKO/ANTI VIRUS"

Yemex : lol,i cant really say but i guess due to my  song tittle (boko haram ) so it's just like being against  boko haram and their bad act

Cici Tiwa's Media: That very nice
Can you tell the world your date of birth/age?

Yemex: October 5 1989
Am 28 years old 

Cici Tiwa's Media: Wow...you are already a big man o
Are you single,married or divorced?

Yemex : Single and i am still searching  lol

Cici Tiwa's Media: Whoops! Thats Cool. So our Single ladies are Free to Apply right?


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Yemex: Lol,Sure they are free

Cici Tiwa's Media: Lol,Funny you
What year did you start your musical career 

Yemex: 2006

Cici Tiwa's Media: Wow...that great
I was still very little then

Yemex: I can bet that,lol

Cici Tiwa's Media: Can you tell us your Style of Music

Yemex: Afro pop

Cici Tiwa's Media: That very nice
How many tracks do you have in total and which of them have been your HIT song

Yemex: I can't say precisely  but but more than 100 tracks....and boko haram featuring Famous  was a hit song

Cici Tiwa's Media: We learn that you released a track titled ZUNWERE
Can you tell us what triggered the song?

Yemex: Yes
Zunwere  is a inspirational song for me it's more like motivating my self shift and  moving faster in life and the video  is  going to be out soon

Cici Tiwa's Media: Wow
That nice
Which musical instrument(s) can you play?

Yemex: I can play the drums very well

Cici Tiwa's Media: That nice
Are you currently signed to any Record Label?

Yemex: No,Not yet

Cici Tiwa's Media: Which famous artist do you admire?

Yemex: Davido

Cici Tiwa's Media: That very wonderful
What’s your source of inspiration?

Yemex : Things Around me

Cici Tiwa's Media: Amazing
If you were an animal, which one would you want to be?

Yemex: Lion

Cici Tiwa's Media: King! 🙌🙌🙌

Yemex: 👍, Thanks dear

Cici Tiwa's Media: So do you plan featuring any artist? If yes , who?

Yemex: Yes
Oritse femi

Cici Tiwa's Media: That wonderful
Which biggest show have you performed in

Yemex: A big show organized by LTV8

Cici Tiwa's Media: That wonderful
Do you get nervous/excited before a performance?

Yemex: Yes excited,am always excited when going to perform
I love going on stage seeing my fans and lovers famzing,hailing and that gingers me up to give the best 

Cici Tiwa's Media:Absolutely wonderful Who’s the biggest artist you’ve met?

Yemex: 2 baba
9ice,the Alapomeji

Cici Tiwa's Media: That wonderful
 If you hadn't pursued this particular career choice, what line of career would you have pursued? And who(s) had the most impact on your choice?

Yemex: Mhen,I will have been a very  great business  man

Cici Tiwa's Media: Very good
Who is your celebrity crush?

Yemex: Cici Tiwa and Sheyi shey

Cici Tiwa's Media: Lol,thank you sir
Can you tell us what people don't know about you? Or what they would hardly believe?

Yemex: I don't smoke and that am also educated because of my style of singing

Cici Tiwa's Media: Seriously?
It very hard to believe tho

Yemex: Lols but that is the fact

Cici Tiwa's Media: What were you like in high school?

Yemex: I am humble, loyal, and gentle

Cici Tiwa's Media: Are you sure? 

Yemex:Yes of course  I am humble and loyal,don't judge a book by its cover

Cici Tiwa's Media: Yea,Nice one
What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

Yemex: They day i saw a cripple guy dancing to my song on the road

Cici Tiwa's Media: Lol
Very funny
Who are those you want to give your shout outs to

Yemex: Shout to my fans ,friends,family and also Cici Tiwa for interviewing me

Cici Tiwa's Media: It’s nice speaking to you, before we call it a day. 

One word for upcoming artists

Yemex: They should Keep working  hard and believe  in their self

Cici Tiwa's Media: Thanks for your time sir
Have a nice and wonderful day

From the media house of Cici tiwa's blog....we wish you a Happy birthday, long life,prosperity and fame

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